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Other than following safety rules, this is for you to explore and do whatever you like on our Larger Rock Wall as well as our Advanced Expert Ninja Obstacle area. Although there will be staff available to help, there won't be any formal instruction.

Big Rock is our largest Climbing Wall. Big Rock is bigger, and has more angles, than Little Rock. It has the most advanced routes, but also has beginner routes.

Our Advanced/Expert Ninja Obstacle section is one of the most leading edge of its kind, and is generally not suited for earliest beginners. For example, the smallest warped wall is 12' high.

There may be Beginner Ninja or Climbing classes going on at the same time during this "Open Gym" in the Beginner section as well as Little Rock, so we ask people coming for "Open Gym" during these blocks of time plan on restricting their exploration to the Advanced Section and Big Rock. There may be certain obstacles in the Beginner/Intermediate area that are available from time to time during this block, as well as availability of Little Rock, but if you come expecting to spend a lot of time on Little Rock or the Beginner/Intermediate obstacles, this is not the time to do that.